Happy Hangeul Day


October  9th very historitic for korean people  because today is hangeul day ( 한글날 ), as you know hangeul is Korean alphabet. in each country of course have their own languages as part of the culture, as well as Korea have their language and also have alphabet called Hangeul. Language is a form of culture which is a means of work, creativity,

Hangeul created by King Sejong the fourth king of Joseon in 1446. King Sejong is a leader and scientist, and pioneer culture. Through many years hard effort, he examines the basic unit of Korean language uses his own ability of linguistic and finally managed to put it in the form of letters, Hunminjeongeum.

Prior to 1445, not many people who can read.  The written language used in Korea was Classical Chinese and only a few elite people who can read because classical chinesse very difficult  to know  thousands of Chinese characters. And then King Sejong was  thought of making a simple alphabet so that people can understand. And now Hangul was the first writing system to make it easy for any Korean and also foreign people  to read and write his or her native language.

To commemorate King Sejong as the originator of hangul in 2009, statue of Sejong at Gwanghwamun Plaza  was unveiled to the public.


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