Predilection of Korean People

Every each country definitely have a different penchant, these differences may be influenced by the location of the region and also culture. South Korea located in East Asia and have four seasons, there are winter, spring, summer and autumn. So korean people have their penchant like foods, sports, hobby, etc. Now I wanna share about predilection of korean people.


according to a survey of 1278 korean people around 15 years. The most preferred flower are rose , while the most preferred plants are fir. Other than that most preferred season is autumn, and the most preferred mountain is Seorak. not wrong if people like Seoraksan, scenery  in there is amazing. In every season, the mountain is always showing the beauty of different. Many domestic and foreign tourists who come to Seorak while on vacation.

seorak san

seoraksan when winter

The most favored by the Korean peoples is hiking, they usually hiking to  the mountain during  summer, they also usually looking for water from wellspring  in the mountains. in runner up  is reading a book and listening to music.


in drama ‘the best lee soon shin’, IU likes hiking

Korean people liked football and then hiking and the last playing basketball.

for foods, the most preferred is doenjing jjigae, kimchi jjigae and kimchi. Because weather in Korea when winter so cold, Korean people liked jjigae (soup/stew) to warm their bodies. For liquor,  they liked soju than beer.


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