The Story behind Garlic in Korea

Korean people are inseparable with garlic, whatever food there is always garlic.

when you eat at korean restaurant there is always  serve fresh vegetables and also garlic.  Usually garlic  eaten raw with the foods like bulgogi, ttakgagi etc.


(pic from bali kuliner)

Apparently garlic have benefits for the body. Benefits of garlic are most trusted by the Korean people  is garlic  able to neutralize blood.

But irrespective of the fact the benefits of garlic, there is myths about garlic in Korea. I remember when my seonsaengnim was told about myth  of garlic in Korea. When last Ramadhan, I and friends of homey (korean language club)  breaking fast at Korea restaurant. We Odered hanguk eumsik (korea food) what we want. When the food are  presented on dining table I saw vegetables with garlic, ya that  is mandatory food that served with Korean food beside banchan. So I wonder why Korean people like  garlic?. That questions were answered when seonsaengnim told about  myths of garlic.

Once upon a time there was a bear who wants to be human. every day the bear went to a tree for pray. the lord of heaven listen to prayers of bear, the lord ask to bear  to eat garlic if  want to be human. The bear obey order of  lord. During the hundred days the bear eating garlic and the bear eventually became human.

When I’m  googling I find out  that story. The story called Dangun creation myth, the legendary founder of Gojoseon, the first kingdom of Korea. Hwanung is the son of Hwanin  the “Lord of Heaven”. Along with his ministers of clouds, rain, and wind, he instituted laws and moral codes and taught the humans various arts, medicine, and agriculture.

that is story behind garlic chingudeul 😀


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