First Time Wearing ‘Hanbok’

Because it is still in an atmosphere of Chuseok, let’s talk about hanbok as stuff  which never  missed during the celebration of Chuseok. HANBOK, ya that is a traditional dress of Korea. Ussually people wear Hanbok during special celebration like Seollal (The Lunar New Year) , Chuseok (Thanks Giving) etc. I Think Hanbok is beautiful clothes because fullcolor so  make people who wearing  hanbok look bright.

Last year when there is a Korean festival in Bandung, I had the opportunity to worn hanbok. yeah finally i was able to look like Chunyang :D.


I think wearing Hanbok pretty hard,  but fortunately there is people who helped me to wearing hanbok properly. Hanbok for Women divided into two parts are jeogori and chima.  Jeogori is the basic upper garment of the hanbok and Chima is mean ‘Skirt’ and additional the underskirt or petticoat layer is called sokchima.

hihihi XD 2 girls playing instrumenta

hihihi XD two girls playing instrument traditional korea

hanbok 3

behind us are bridal couple who wearing Hwarot (bride clothes)

In this Era everything was be changed, Hanbok also change to be modern, more colorfull, more variety. Hanbokk no longer visible monotonous because of various ideas from fashion designers to make  more fusion of hanbok.

gomawo :)

gomawo 🙂


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