After ‘Korea Film Festival’ in indonesia, Time To Turn ‘Indonesia Film Festival’ in Korea

2013 is special year for Indonesia and  Korea because these country celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relationship between Korea and Indonesia. Embassy of the Republic of Korea was held  a ‘Korean Film Festival 2013’in late June. This program is  annual program of the Republic of Korea embassy in Indonesia since 2009 and also to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relationship between Korea and Indonesia

Korean Film Festival to introduce the art of Korean culture through Korean films are presented in a variety of genres with maximum technology and story. The festiva officially opened by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia, Mr. Kim Young-sun on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 in blitz, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

There are 10 films with various genre aired for Korean movie lovers in Indonesia. The films are Runaway Cop, A Wonderful moment, Pluto, Deranged, Masquerade, The Grand Heist, How To Use Guy With Secret Tips, A Miracle in Cell 7, The Thieves, Boomerang Family,

‘Korea Film Festival’ give me opportunity to watching korea film in cinema because in Indonesia Cinema rarely showing Korea Movie.  I was watching ‘Runaway Cop’ a comedy romatic movie. The movie is pretty good, I cant stop laughing when watching the movie because  every scene show annoyed scene.


ticket the show

And now turn ‘Indonesia Film Festival’ in Korea’!!!

Indonesian Film Festival is a cultural event organized by CJ CGV, a cinema chain strongest in South Korea, CJ E & M, in cooperation with the blitz, a cinema network in Indonesia and Jive Entertainment, distributor fillm in Indonesia, as well as the full support of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Tourism South Korea, and Kofic (Korean Film Council).

On Thursday, September 26, 2013 Opening Night event was held Indonesian Film Festival in Seoul Yongsan CGV blitz, which became the opening act Indonesian film screenings parade in Seoul for about one week and show 9 films by famous director in Indonesia.

This event is opportunity for  foreign people  who want to know about Indonesia film, so  for chingundeul  are in seoul don’t forget to come to the show ‘Indonesian Film Festival’ at CGV Yongsan CGV and Ansan South Korea. for movie recommendations following is a synopsis of the film that show on ‘Indonesian Film Festival’ .

1. 5cm


Directed by Rizal Mantovani
Producer Sunil Soraya
Donny author Dhirgantoro
Starring :

Ali Herjunot
Fedi Nuril
Pevita Pearce
Denny Sumargo
Raline Shah

Genta, Arial, Zafran, Riani and Ian are five teenagers who have become friends since they were 10 years old. One day the five of them feel ‘bored’ with their friendship and eventual fifth decided to split up, do not communicate with each other for three months.

During the three months apart longingly, much has happened in the lives of five of them, something that changed them each to be better in life. After three months later they meet again and celebrate five of their encounters with a journey full of dreams and challenges. A journey of the heart by raising the red saka white in Javathe highest peak on August 17.  The adventure in this story, not only challenging adventure adrenaline. This adventure is also a breathtaking trip. Heart to love a close friendship, and the heart that loves this country.

Any obstacles they may face, because they have a dream. Dreams are placed 5cm from the front of the forehead.

2. Habibie and Ainun

habibie ainun film

Directed by Faozan Rizal
Producer by Punjabi Dhamoo
Manoj Punjabi
Author by r S. Noer
Ifan Adriansyah Ismail
Starring : Reza Rahardian
Bunga Citra Lestari
Tio Pakusadewo
Ratna Riantiarno
Mike Lucock
Mariana Vita

The story of what happens when you find parts of your heart. The story of first love and last love. The story of Indonesia’s third president and first lady. The story of Habibie and Ainun.

Rudy Habibie genius aircraft expert who has a big dream: to devote to Indonesia to make a truck fly to unite Indonesia. While Ainun is an intelligent young doctor with a career path wide open for him.

In 1962, two student in junior high school  met again in London. Habibie fell in love with Ainun ​​instantly because she is sweet like sugar. But Ainun, he did not just fall in love, he is faith in the vision and dream Habibie. They got married and flew to Germany.

Have dreams will never be easy. Habibie and Ainun know it. Love the way they wake up to realize the dream. The cold snow German, sacrifice, pain, loneliness and temptations of wealth and power as they travel back to Indonesia to accompany two lives into one.
For Habibie, Ainun is everything. Ainun is to see his eyes. For Ainun, Habibie is everything, filling you in his life. But every story has a end, every dream has a limit. Then at one point, these two soul mates realized; Are they going to continue to love everlasting.

3. Laskar Pelangi

laskar pelangi

Director by  Riri Riza
Producer by Mira Lesmana
Author by  Salman Aristo
Riri Riza
Mira Lesmana
Starring : Cut Mini
Slamet Rahardjo Djarot
Mathias Muchus
Teuku Rifnu Wikana

Appointed on the true story that tells the story of childhood village children from a very poor Malay community in the Belitung. They try to improve their future with great enthusiasm.

The movie, set in the 1970s, opens on the first day of the year at a Muhammadiyah elementary school on Belitung. The school needs 10 students but is one short until near the end of the day, when a straggler fills out the ranks for their teachers, Muslimah and Harfan. Muslimah dubs the children “The Rainbow Troops” (sometimes translated as “The Rainbow Warriors”) and the movie traces their development and relationships with the teachers.

4. The Raid

the raid

Directed by Gareth Evans
Producer Ario Sagantoro
Writer Gareth Evans
Starring Iko Uwais, Ray Sahetapy, Joe Taslim, Donny Alamsyah, Yayan Ruhian, Pierre Gruno, Tough Satrya

A group of SWAT team arrived at an apartment that was not taken care. They are have mission to  capturing the owner of a king drug dealer named TAMA. This block was never raided by the police or even touched before.

As a place that is not reachable by the police, the building became shelter of murderers, gang members, rapists, and thieves who seek safe shelter.

SWAT group secretly penetrated into the building and controlling every floor they climbed steadily. But when they are seen by scouts TAMA, attack them uncovered. From his penthouse suite, TAMA instructed to lock the apartment building to put out the lights and close all the way out.

Stuck on the 6th floor with no communication and assaulted by apartment dwellers who were ordered by TAMA, SWAT teams had to fight through every floor and every room to complete their mission and survive

5. Sang Penari (The Dancer)

sang penari

Director by Ifa Isfansyah
Producer by Shanty Harmayn
Author  by Salman Aristo
Ifa Isfansyah
Shanty Harmayn
Starring : Prisia Nasution
Dewi Irawan
Oka Antara
Slamet Rahardjo
Landung Simatupang

A love story that happened in a poor rural Indonesia in the mid-1960s. Rasus (Oka Antara), a young soldier down his hometown, looking for her lost love, Srintil (Prisia Nasution).

The story begins when they are very young and fell in love in their small villages and poor, Paruk Hamlet. But the magic dancing ability Srintil impede their love, because it makes the elders believe that the hamlet is the incarnation ronggeng Srintil. And while preparing for his Srintil, he realized that being a ronggeng not just mean being dukuhnya choice in dance dramas. Srintil will belong to all citizens Paruk Hamlet. This puts Rasus in a dilemma. He felt his love has been taken away. In desperation, Rasus leave dukuhnya to be a member of the army.

Then moving era, where Rasus must choose: loyalty to the state, or his love for Srintil. And when Rasus are in a dilemma, he had lost track of her lover. His quest is not easy and new to fruition after 10 years later, fate brings Rasus with Srintil.

6. 9 Summers 1o Autumns

poster 9 summers 10 autumns

Director by Ifa  Isfansyah
producer by Edwin  Nazir
Arya Pradana
Starring : Ihsan Tarore
Alex Komang
Dewi Irawan
Dira Sugandi
Hayria Faturrahman

The Movie  tells the life story of Iwan Setiawan, son of public transport drivers from  Malang. Economic limitations apparently did not deter Iwan achieve higher education. He fought hard for the school to university statistics department at the Institut Pertanian Bogor. Living in a small house without having a room, motivated to have their own room. After completing education, he then migrated to Jakarta. The boy of 5 brothers reached the summit of his career as Director, Internal Client Management at Nielsen Consumer Research in New York, United States. During 10 years in New York, Iwan struggling to support his family, pursue his dream.

In the end, education is then stretched way out of suffering. Love the family that ultimately saved them all.
This is a story of fear through the boundaries, for family, for love.

7. Belenggu


Director by Upi Avianto
Producer by HB Naveen  Frederica
Starring : Abimana Aryasatya
Laudya Cynthia Bella
Imelda Therinne
Verdi Solaiman
Bella Esperance

The film tells the story of a world in the eyes of a troubled soul, a kind of psychopath. The indication has been started by the opening scene of a man named Elang (Abimana Aryasatya) running in the woods and then hitchhike classic Mercedes-Benz driven by a woman named Amber (Imelda Therine). In the back seat there were two bloodstained corpses of women who made Elang fear and more frightening a figure dressed as rabbit on the side of women who mengemudi.Mimpi bad. Elang awoke from his sleep. The story rolling, he felt being in a city full of “strange people”. The film follows the routine activities of the Eagles. Every morning hanging out in cafes, talking with Ningsih his servant, they watched long-haired middle-aged man, and the owner of the cafe. They talk about serial murder victims were all women.

8. Rectroverso


Producer by  Marcella Zalianty
Eko Kristianto
Starring :Lukman Sardi
Prisia Nasution
sophia Latjuba
Tio Pakusadewo
Yama Carlos
Indra Birowo
Marcell Domits
Fauzi Baadilla

Rectoverso is an omnibus or anthology  movie that tells the story of love. In this film there are 5 different story but still talk about love. there ‘Malaikat Juga Tahu’, ‘Cicak Di Dinding’, ‘Surat Untuk Sahabat’, ‘Firasat’ and ‘Hanya Isyarat’, This film is an adaptation of the album’s music Dewi  Lestari titled Rectoverso which was released in 2008.

9. Modus Anomali

modus anomali

Director by  Joko Anwar
Producer by Sheila Timothy
Starring : Rio Dewanto
Hannah Al Rashid
Izzati Amara
Aridh Tritama
Surya Saputra
Marsha Timothy
Sadha Triyudha

A man who was on holiday with his wife and their two children in a cabin in the woods were surprised by the arrival of an uninvited guest. Before he realized what was happening, the man found himself separated from his family. When he started to find some alarm clocks scattered in the forest, he suddenly had to race against time if you want to see her family again. Meanwhile, in the forest is also one other family was on vacation, which may be related to the strangeness of which he was a natural.

‘Indonesian Film Festival’  held from September 26 until October 2, 2013


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