[FlashBack 2012] Experience Watching Big Bang Alive Tour Concert

Happy new year everybody !

It’s too fast to leave 2012 years of happiness and also sadness. I got valuable experience in this year, one of unforgettable moment maybe I was given opportunity to watching concert  my fav boy band yup Big Bang. finnaly after 2 years being of VIP I got to saw them in Big Bang Alive tour in Jakarta. this is like a dream I can see talented boy especially Taeyang, ahh my heart flutter suddenly. I’m very thanks to my friend who give me a ticket concert Big Bang.

I feel confused a bit becoz this is first time I’m watching concert, I dont know what should be prepared for watching the concert. As I know fans can make a poster for support the artist, bring lightstick of course and also gift for the artis. I dont have many time to prepared all of them bcoz I got a ticket in D-4 and I was busy looking for a friend to went together watching the concert.

I was watching the concert in first day, the concert take a place at MEIS.   there are very hot becoz the place on the beach but I dont care about the situation in there bcoz I was too happy. I met many VIP in there, they came from various cities. Before concert started fanbase big bang ina giving VIP announcement for the project. We have 3 project, they are golden wave, blue mission and fan chant. Create The wave by taking turn to turn off their crown lightsticks  starting on the right side of the audience when the group sing haru-haru. The blue mission is when we will turn on blue lightsticks, when they sing Blue and the fan-chant will see us chanting in support of the band members during song intro.

time for show!!

Big Bang appears from tube and began to rocked MEIS, started concert with song ‘Alive’, I shouted reflex, ahh  this is make my heart beating like the rhythm . They giving us spirit for enjoy the concert. Big Bang never stop to make VIP dazzled with their performing. Seungri always be active to entertain all of VIP, Daesung always given us his angle smile, TOP the charming boy always calm hahahaha this is unusual. GD ahhh freaking baby. and Taeyang my boo very adorable when he try to rapping in bahasa ‘Aku cinta padamu’ yaa dong yong bae aku juga cinta padamu….. I always looking forwad for Taeyang, and finally  I can see his abs aww make me melting as usual. when he tearing the t-shirt in ending his solo stage I just said Omo my honey u’re sexy hot. He always doing dougie dance, hahaha it so cute.

This is just one piece of happinees in 2012, watching big bang is memories that will never forget. I hope in 2013 I can get opportunity to watching concert again.


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